• Meet The Designer: Robert Young Pelton

    In addition to his immersive journey with rebel, jihadi, mercenary and military groups in over three dozen wars, Pelton is also an inventor, with over a two dozen U.S. patents for his various knife designs, inspired by his experience in war zones.
  • Meet the Designer: William Harsey Jr

    To honor a legend of Billy Waugh’s background, Pelton teamed up with award winning designer William Harsey Jr. Harsey grew up as a logger in the Pacific Northwest but managed to get a degree in fine design. He put his elegant artwork and knowledge of the craft to design knives, and the rest is history. Harsey is the creator of the Applegate Fairbairn Combat Folder and the equally famous “Yarborough” design, which is issued to each Special Forces graduate. Harsey’s designs can be purchased from Gerber, Spartan Blades and Chris Reeves Knives. 

  • Meet the Inspiration: Billy Waugh

    Billy Waugh of Bastrop, Texas hitchhiked and signed up for World War II but was sent home for being too young.  He finally signed up for the Army ...
  • New Product Release: The Billy Waugh DEMO

    Robert Young Pelton first met Billy Waugh in a Texas Waffle House. Billy was getting married later that day but took the time to meet Pelton to talk about his life as CIA paramilitary and Special Forces legend.  As a knife designer, Pelton asked Billy what he carried on his missions deep behind enemy lines during the Vietnam War. Billy remembered his favorite tools being the local parang, the old WW2 issue and the machine stamped Demo knife issued to soldiers.  Pelton offered to design a series of knives that would integrate Billy’s hard earned ideas into a new reimagining of tactical blades. 


    "Why the hell would anyone want my name on their knife?" were Billy’s exact words, when approached about honoring Waugh on his own design.  Pelton disobeyed orders and recruited legendary Special Forces knife designer and friend William Harsey Jr to make Billy proud. Together they fine-tuned collaborated on a design only a warrior of Billy Waugh's level could sign off on.